During my senior year at DePauw University, I had to complete a senior project in my Computer Science department to fulfill all of the requirements necessary to graduate. In determining what to design, I decided to combine my work at the college radio station over the past few years with my experience in web-based applications. Thus, WORD was born.

WORD (short for WGRE Online Request Database) is, simply put, an online request database.  There is an enormous database that contains information about the music WGRE has to play.

Listeners can go to the web site, search for songs, albums, and artists to see if the station has the music they're looking for. If they find what they want, they can send a request to the DJ in the booth, who has a terminal enabling him/her to see all incoming requests immediately. 

There is also the option of adding songs to a "Favorites" list to enable users to re-request songs they enjoy. If users just wish to browse the music currently on-air at the station, they can do that as well.

The site also generates a "Top 10 Most Requested Songs" list which is updated dynamically every week to let both the staff and listeners get an idea of what music is being requested most often.

There are database functions that allow the directors access to certain information to obtain a greater grasp of the listening audience.  Directors can view a list of all users who have submitted requests, view a master request log, and view specific information about the songs listed in the database.

If you have questions about WORD, please email me.

To see a working version of this web application, click here.


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