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Ever since I can remember, I have grown up with a passion for the piano.  I started taking lessons when I was six years old and continued throughout college. The opportunity to learn the piano has been one of the greatest gifts my parents have given me.

If I had to define the style of this music, I would place it somewhere between Easy Listening, Light Jazz and New Age. The songwriters and musicians that have inspired by music come from quite diverse backgrounds: David Beniot, Cyrus Chestnut, and Vince Guaraldi are jazz greats, Bruce Hornsby, Billy Joel, James Taylor, and Don Henley from pop and rock, and Jim Brickman, George Winston, and John Tesh are well-known instrumentalists.

This winter, with the help of Chicago Trax studios, I compiled my first CD of solo piano music, titled "beginnings".

The music on this CD (a compilation of six original songs and four arrangements) are songs that I have written at various times over the past three years.

You can hear each song from my latest CD by clicking the links below.  The songs are available in the following formats: mp3, Windows Media Audio (WMA) and Real Audio. 

If you wish to download the songs, please keep in mind that the mp3 format is the largest and Real Audio is the smallest. If you have a slow connection, I recommend downloading the Real Audio or WMA formats.

Track 01: First Tears mp3 WMA
Track 02: You Just Know mp3 WMA
Track 03: Ballad for Keith mp3 WMA
Track 04: When you're with me mp3 WMA
Track 05: Variations on Jesu mp3 WMA
Track 06: Genesis mp3 WMA
Track 07: Angels (Christmas Medley) mp3 WMA
Track 08: Goodnight Moon mp3 WMA
Track 09: Time in a Bottle mp3 WMA
Track 10: Lullaby mp3 WMA

To save your file, right-click on the format you wish to hear and choose "Save Target As..." (in Internet Explorer).

If you need software to play any of the above files, you can download it here:

For mp3, you can download WinAmp.
For WMA, you can download Windows Media Player.
For Real Audio, you can download Real Player.

If you would like further information on my music or simply have questions or comments, please contact me via email.

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